World War 2, The Terror of World


World War II, 1941

World war II


The whole world is divided into two superpowers, and the human race is the first to be introduced to the most powerful bombs.

During the year 1941, the whole world was divided into two powers. One ally is the second axis

 The United States, Britain, the Soviet Union, the leaders of the three states formed an allied power with China. [3] France later joined the Allies. [3] [4] , Canada, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Commonwealth, Poland and Yugoslavia. In 1941, then-US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed the Allies as the United Nations.

Axis power, on the other hand, means Germany, Italy and Japan are the three largest states

Why World War Happened 

By 1941, Japan's economy had become militarily strong. As a result, the United States became enraged when Japan, confident of its own power, tried to occupy the Pacific Ocean and its environs. Japan's aggressive foreign policy has never been well received by the United States. Taking advantage of this wartime situation, the Japanese regime sought to occupy China and the French and British countries in Southeast Asia, and established a military base in Indochina. In 1940, Japan, Italy and Germany signed a tripartite axis agreement, fearing that the United States might object. The United States, the United States, has objected to the withdrawal of troops from China and Indo-China, and in various ways the United States has been helping China.

Strike by United State

1. Japan rescinds US trade agreement in 1911.

2. The United States stops exporting Japanese petroleum products

3. America confiscates all Japanese property in America

          As a result, Japan fears that the United States may not close all trade with Japan. During this time Japan needed various war items especially petroleum. The United States closed all trade with Japan and planned to occupy Indonesia, which is rich in mineral resources, and in July 1941, Japan occupied South Indo-China, now called Vietnam. Seeing such an aggressive response, the United States cut off all trade with England and Indonesia and Japan.

 Activities of New Prime Minister of Japan, 1941

Hideki Tojo, General of Japan and a member of Taisei Yakusankai.

                                                            Prime Minister of Japan, 1941

  On 16 October 1941, Hideki Tojo became the new Prime Minister of Japan, proposing a treaty with the United States (although the United States resumed its trade with Japan). In it, the United States was the first to demand the withdrawal of Japanese troops from China and Indo-China.


The war became inevitable because Japan did not agree to it, and the two sides met in Washington to discuss ending the war.

 Japan, on the other hand, is located in the United States on December 7, 1941, 2,500 miles away.

Hawaiian Islands.

 Which was a U.S. naval base, another Japanese navy at Pal Harbor and 335 warplanes attacked Pal Harbor and completely destroyed Pal Harbor.

After the invasion, the United States launched a war with Japan on December 8, which ignited World War II (in the East) and ended the war in Europe with the 1944 German defeat.

But the American war with Japan continued, with the efforts of US General MacArthur and British General Mountbatten, who had defeated the Germans, to seize some territory from Japan and bring it under Allied control. Burma, Philippine Islands again fall to the Allies.

This was stated by the Allies at a meeting in Potsdam, Germany, where they demanded the surrender of Japan on 16 July 1935. Japan to surrender completely.


First Atomic Attack on Japan:

 August 7, 1945.

Location - Hiroshima, the industrial city of Japan

Time - 8 am

American made little boy

First Atomic Attack on Japan

 The United States dropped the Little Boy atomic bomb on the Japanese industrial city of Hiroshima. Atomic bombs were used for the first time in World War I, destroying Hiroshima 78,000 innocent people and turning the whole area into rubble.

 In August, Russia invaded Manchuria to intimidate Russia, and another tragedy occurred

The 2nd American bomb wanted to detonate in Germany but Germany moved away after the war.


Second Atomic Attack on Japan:

August 9, 1945.

Time 11.02, Nagasaki, Japan

The city of Kakura was relocated after Hirsima, but a bomb blast in Hirsima on August 7 resulted in clouds over the sky, placing Nagasaki in second place.

General Charles Swine of the 393D Bomber Squad with the Boxer B29 bomber

Boxer B29 bomber, Plane

  In Nagasaki again a more powerful atomic bomb fat man

3 man-made atomic bombs. But during World War II, fat man took 2nd place

Another atomic bomb, called the Terazul, or 21 TNT, was dropped on Nagasaki, targeting the Mitsubishi-Urakami arms factory, the maker of 91 torpedoes that destroyed Pal Harbor with a capacity of 21 NT.

Two Atomic Weapon, 1945

At the end of it all.

August 14, 1945,

After two atomic bomb attacks on Japan, Japan agreed to surrender and signed the surrender document on September 2, ending World War II.

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