Hyperloop the fastest travel route system.


 What is Hyperloop?

A Hyperloop is a type of  train  that would travel at very fast high speed. The reason it can travel so fast because it is inside a tube without air. This vacuum means that there will be no friction to slow the capsule or train. A hyperloop is a proposed high speed transportation system for both public and goods transportation system. In short and simple word a train inside the Tube without air and friction.

How does Hyperloop Working

Hyperloop work on the strength of a magnet in general, we know that a magnet is a substance/ metal/ object whose own attraction is called repulsion. A complete magnet has two poles one north poles and one other south poles. If the two of magnet the north pole of magnet can be brought close to each other then the two magnet attract each other and other cases if the poles of two magnets the two north pole of magnet can be brought  closer to etch other then the two magnets push etch other away. The discover of the hyperloop in the present day using the repulsive force of a magnet. Some more technology has been added to make the hyperloop plan perfect. The hyperloop plan is a plan to send a train or a capsule through a tube. This hyperloop scheme is first the train or capsule become landless due to the repulsive force of the magnet and floats in air. Freeing the train from ground friction, while it is running. And the tube is free from airborne friction or air drag as it is dehumidified by an air purifier machine. Bring free from friction or air drag the capsule of train is able to run maximum speed.

How many types of Hyperloop

These include of Hyperloop

1.Virgin Hyperloop one
2. DGW Hyperloop
3. Transpod
4.Arivo and others.

Virgin Hyperloop Transport System (2017-2020)

Virgin Hyperloop is an American transportation technology company that work to commercialize the high speed travel concept. Virgin Hyperloop one’s headquarters Los Angeles California United states. Virgin Hyperloop One’s goal is to eliminate time and distance barriers for the immediate, safe, efficient and sustainable transfer of goods and passengers. It is working to develop and commercialize Hyperloop software and hardware with 300 full time employees in the United States.  Development test outside of Las Vegas, Virgin Hyperloop has completed more then 500 technology and human passenger test.

DGW Hyperloop Transport System (2015)

DGW Hyperloop is the only Indian company working on implement Hyperlooping system across the country. Founded in 2015,Dgw it part is Dunklix Ground works. It is an indoor based engineering company in India. Including the Mumbai Hyperloop based corridor known as the Delhi-Mumbai corridor (DMHC) 

Transpod Hyperloop Transport System

Transpod is A Canadian company. A Canadian company specializing in high speed transport technology and vehicle design company. Transposed vehicles are being prepared to travel the city at a speed of 620 miles per hour using electric motors to carry passengers and goods. Transpod pods are designed to travel through a tube guide way, using the magnetic levitation instead of bearings to increase the stability of the vehicle, like the hyperloop One method.

Arivo Hyperloop ( 2016)

Arevo is building technology based on the Hyperloop architecture that will provide a truly uninterrupted 21st century experience for passenger and freight vehicles. Just as all well-planned technology is invisible to its users, Arivor will transfer hyperloop transport to "arrival" mode.

Hyperloop Presentation

Elon Musk, CEO of Spacex and Tesla, now the world's biggest millionaire, mentioned Hyperloop's fifth plan at an event in July 2012 at a pandodial event in Santa Monica, California. Highlights of this hyperloop were a fast transit system and weather resistant, twice as fast as airplanes and a collision-free, safe transportation plan using less electricity and fuel.


The Hyperloop Pod Competition was an annual competition sponsored by SpaceX from 2015-2019 to feature several student and non-student teams.

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