Super Power Liquid



Helium Isotope 4

There are some miraculous things in this universe that have no words to explain. In the science fiction movie we saw how strange and mysterious the superheroes and super natural powers are. In this Document, which is going to be discuss today. You will to be surprised to learn about it, and at the same time you will have some idea how strange and how much unimaginable power into our universe.

Today we will discuss only one liquid whose kinetic nature is so strange and completely different from ordinary liquids and spooky. This means that there are many more strange objects or things in our universe that are unimaginable. we know about helium - What I am talking about today is nothing but this isotope number 4 of helium. As we know, if neutron number be changed of an any object then it’s create different type of Variant of that object. Which we call the isotope of that object. Which name SUPERFLUID HELIUM  

Super Natural Power

Alberta and Edmonton University professor John Belski said that if Super Floyd helium could be rotated with a spoon in a container, it would continue to rotate in the same way millions of years later. The reason for this behavior of helium is viscosity. At a temperature of -269, the mutual friction of the superfluid molecule becomes absolutely zero, which is called viscosity in the language of science. Because of this viscosity it is therefore irresistible.


At a temperature of -269 degrees the thermal conductivity of the isotope of helium increases by a million times. This means that the temperature inside it can travel very well, which is higher than copper and aluminum. At this temperature it is good it turns into superconductivity so it is also a very good electrical conductor.

Most Spooky Superpower

1. In one experiment, the superfluid was placed in a jar and the temperature was lowered to -269 degrees Celsius, and as the pressure of the beaker increased, this isotope of helium penetrated the solid wall of the beaker and came out like a complete ghost.

SUPERFLUID HELIUM Shocking Experiment Result

2. If the superfluid is kept in a small container and its temperature is raised to -269, then the superfluid flows out of the wall of the container by itself.

SUPERFLUID HELIUM Unexpected Experiment Result

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