A Veerangana woman Nangeli to protest against breast tax


This image is just a reflection of this story it's not true

True Story

256 years ago there was a king of present day Kerala state of India, Trivandrum. During his reign, men had to pay taxes even if they wanted to keep goofs and women had to pay taxes for breasts. In the local language it was called "Mulakkar". The law at that time was that no Hindu woman except Brahmins could have her breasts covered, women had to keep their breasts uncovered, uncovered, or had to pay a breast tax/breast tax.

Again, the amount of this tax will depend on the size of the breast, the bigger the breast, the higher the tax. The total amount of this tax went to the Padmanabha Temple. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it is the richest temple in the world. At that time a 35 year old beautiful black woman had to go out for work. But she always covered her breasts. Suddenly one day she noticed the tax collectors and they demanded her to collect the breast tax. She refused to pay the breast tax and said, "Who are you to decide whether I should cover my breasts or not? I will not pay duty”. Every day the tax collector came to his house and pressured him to pay the tax. The tax burden started increasing day by day. Finally one day he agreed to pay taxes. Asking the tax collectors to wait outside, he locked the door and went inside and cut off both her breasts with a sharp weapon. Then she handed over her breasts to the duty collectors covering them in banana leaves, saying "I will not keep the things that I am charged extra duty for". All the neighbors including the tax collector were shocked about this incident and then he died due to excessive bleeding and then this incident spread all over India.

Reasons for protestant change

A few days later King Trivankur was forced to outlaw and abolish all forms including the breast tax. Unknowingly, that woman sowed the seeds of the "cloth riots" that took place in India in 1859. Just think how much you can do if you love and respect yourself. The name of the woman in this self-love is Nangeli. In return for self-sacrifice, Veerangana woman "Nangeli" established the rights of women of entire Kerala. She could have accepted the land tax like all other women. He also had the power to pay taxes, but some people in the world are born with fire in their chest and when injustice comes in front of them, they do not have a place in their chest. Therefore, Nangeli has taught women to protest against injustice by wasting everything to seek their own happiness and peace. This story does not end here, Nangeli's body is still burning on the pyre, suddenly a man runs and jumps on the pyre. He was Nangeli's husband. This is the first and last case of a man cohabiting with his wife in the history of India. Although history has not felt the name of this loving man, but the fire of protest that he ignited in the minds of Indian women is still burning in the minds of Indian women.

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