This is the oldest and most complex advance technology in the world


tree leaves

This is the oldest and most complex technology in the world that has never been replaced. Relying on this technology, the earth's fauna is alive and the balance of the atmosphere has maintained the balance of the atmosphere through various cycles. Technology is not just a device or software, it is a technology that accomplishes a task through various complex processes. Just like the technology that I am going to talk about today has been working with us in this world since the beginning of the world. From the day this technology stops working, it must be assumed that the end of the world or of the entire living world has come. This technology is nothing more than "tree leaves".


Speaking of which, why should I call the leaves of the tree technology?

We all know that it is natural so it cannot be called technology but the misconception is that it is also a technology and an advanced technology whose alternative has not yet been discovered by humans. Trees use leaves and fuel but do not produce excessive amounts of greenhouse gases or other gases that are harmful to the earth's ecosystems. The leaves of the tree carry out a complex process similar to the process of photosynthesis which separates photons and oxygen and hydrogen from the process of water degradation which no laboratory has ever been able to do and or what technology they have not been able to do only on the leaves of the tree. If h2o could be separated by a laboratory or a technology, we would have no shortage of energy on Earth and we could use seawater as fuel.

Although the leaves of the tree look very thin, the complex process involved is so advanced that technology is currently unable to complete the process. The green color of the leaves is called chloroplast and the chlorophyll in the class helps to absorb the photons from the sun. Another part of the leaf called the pore / stomata whose job is to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release the excess water absorbed from the oxygen and soil into the atmosphere through the process of evaporation, made possible by a single hole through which any existing artificial intelligence The rate will force you to comply. Leaf chlorophyll photon particles,

The petrochemical / stomata releases carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the mineral water absorbed from the soil releases oxygen into the leaf atmosphere through a complex process called photosynthesis.

A tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen per year.

A tree produces about 117.934 kilograms of oxygen per year

The 260 pound oxygen tree gives us completely free every year. Then I hope you understand how important trees are for us. Kindly request everyone to save the tree.


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