12000 year old idol of Sri Hari Vishnu of Sanatan Dharma (religion) found in Jammu and Kashmir

Meaning of Religion 

Although the literal meaning of the word dharma is not known exactly, but a general explanation is possible that dharma means faith and trust. The belief is that god will always protect him from disaster, which is not possible for ordinary people. And trust is that God is always with us, the image of our mind is not unknown to Him.


Short intro about Sanatan Dharma (religion)

People's headache about religion is not much less today! There is always a conflict between mankind about whose religion is old and whose religion is the best. But some ancient idols discovered in Jammu and Kashmir today give some idea of ​​how ancient Sanatan Dharma is. This ancient idol is second to none. It is one of the great deities of Sanatan Dharma, one of the three deities “Shri Hari Vishnu”. According to Sanatan Dharma, it is believed that when the whole world was in the darkness of illiteracy, Gurukul was prevalent only in India, where the Gurukul was the system of education of kings and other children like today's schools and colleges. Evidence of the antiquity of Sanatan Dharma can be gauged from an idol of Sri Hari Vishnu found in Jammu and Kashmir. With the help of carbon dating test, the age of this statue is estimated to be about 12 thousand years old.

The Oldest Statue Sri Vishnu 

The Proof

A 9th-century idol of Lord Vishnu was found among two ancient sculptures unearthed in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday, July 28, 2022. Residents of Budgam's Gudsathu village found the sculptures while excavating the land. The police recovered the sculpture and took it to the district police headquarters. A team from the Department of Archives, Archeology and Museums was called to examine the statue. They use carbon dating tests to date the sculpture roughly to the 9th century and to be about 1,2000 years old. The sculpture is tripartite with four arms, with a lotus on the upper right of the figure. As in Sanatan Dharma, the image of Lord Vishnu is painted. The expert team said the sculpture is a blend of the Gandhara and Mathura schools of art. The other sculpture was recovered from the Khag area of ​​Budgam. After examination, the team of Department Archives, Archeology and Museum found out that the sculpture is part of Panchmukh.

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